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Africa’s oldest soccer team [ARTICLE]

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That’s a year before soccer’s official rules became codified. However, the team that played the game back then used their rules. Eventually, teams started being more than just a group of people playing together and became established entities.

In 1882, soccer officially took root in Africa as the continent’s first team was formed. Savages Fc was the name of the team. The Savages Football Club was formed by troops from Wales and England, who were supporters of an English football team with the same name. The team set up a base at Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. That was also their troop’s base of operations and on 29th August 1882, the Savages had their first recorded match against Hilton College. The Savages won by three goals to one.

During the 80s, the Savages wore Knickers, stockings with a white shield, and black shirts with an assegai spear. Nonetheless, not much is known about the early operations of Savages FC or whether they played against other teams around the globe. Fortunately, there are team photos from the early 1900s, though the history before that remains spotty.

Savages FC has managed to live through several centuries, and it still exists to date. As such, Betway punters can wager on the Savages FC when playing against other teams in the Natal Midlands Football Association in South Africa. The team is a member of the Club of Pioneers, an association that lists them as one of the top 10 oldest soccer teams in the world.

Sheffield Football Club created the Club of Pioneers, is the oldest soccer teams in the world that punters can wager on at Betway. The Club of Pioneers includes the earliest soccer teams that are still in business to date, having existed consistently since its genesis, except during war breaks, and it supports amateur soccer values like respect, integrity, e.t.c.

Savages FC is the only African club in the Club of Pioneers. The team has paved the way for lots of leagues and clubs on the continent, and they managed to remain strong throughout the years. The fact that the team still exist shows how far the team has come, despite rough moments throughout the centuries. Even better, the team continues to support young talent by making sure budding players have modern facilities to grow their football talent. As such, their history should be well preserved for future generations.

Besides promoting youth soccer at the grassroots levels by working with U17 and U16 teams, the club also works with several senior teams with over 35 and over 50 players. Last year, the club celebrated its 135th anniversary, making it the oldest club in the continent and 8th in the world. It’s also the biggest soccer club in Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands. Moreover, it’s the biggest Natal club with 18 junior teams and seven senior sides participating in different South African leagues.


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