Home POLITICS Ayawaso violence: Bryan Acheampong describing Short Commission “bogus” is disgraceful – Security analyst [ARTICLE]

Ayawaso violence: Bryan Acheampong describing Short Commission “bogus” is disgraceful – Security analyst [ARTICLE]

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He said considering Bryan Acheampong is a public servant, he was expected to be measured in his utterances.

In an interview on Accra-based Starr FM, Adam Bonaa said “The right thing to do is to go to a higher court to challenge their recommendation you don’t throw tantrums, there are no tantrums in our constitution.

“As a young man and a public officer, I thought he would have been measured but his reaction is very reprehensible. Very unfortunate.”

Over the weekend, Bryan Acheampong described the recommendation by the Emile Short Commission that he should be reprimanded by the state over the Ayawaso byelection violence as bogus.

Speaking on Agoo FM, he stated that “If you look at the report, about five hundred pages, nothing puts me in the circle. Yet strangely enough, in the recommendation, somebody went and wrote that I must take ultimate responsibility, why must I take ultimate responsibility? And if I decide that I will not accept responsibility; because there is nothing that says I’m responsible. If I’m responsible, I’m a man, a trained soldier, I’m responsible for my men and I will take responsibility for and anything the ministry does.

“But if you come out and put individual liability then you must come with proof and say that I gave the command, instruction and I signed out the order other than that you place the liability on the ministry mot me as a person because that evidence never came out at the commission.

“In the recommendation, they were recommending that I take responsibility, how can you recommend that I take responsibility. It’s a fact-finding commission who can say Bryan did XYZ, you cannot go on a fact-finding mission and say that I’m recommending someone to take responsibility, how do you make such a recommendation.”

“Even when I had not accepted responsibility because there is no proof, you go ahead and say I should be reprimanded, it is strange. These are high commissioners, I don’t want to use any unpalatable words but that all I can say is that that whole decision is absolutely bogus,” he added.

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