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Fashion & More with Faith Senam : Horseman Shoes launches stylish and comfortable ‘She Brogues’ for ladies | Business Financial Times Online

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The month of March is a significant period for many Ghanaian businesses as it is designated to encourage and promote made in Ghana products. For a brand like Horseman Shoes that has been recognized for producing top of the range menswear shoes over the years, introducing a new female line of shoes for ladies certainly makes it a must have pair.

Dubbed ‘She Brogues for Her’, the new range welcomes our ladies to Horseman Shoes clientele which has mostly been the men over the years.

This stylish collection is the second edition after a successful maiden edition in 2016. It comes in a range of cocktail colors with new designs and agility. A great option for anything from everyday work wear that can be transitioned to casual style.

Though not your usual girly shoes, the new range ‘For Her’ gives ladies the necessary freedom of movement and comfort for an active and fun lifestyle. It comes in shades of blue, yellow, brown and green in one or 2 color variation.

Speaking on the new collection, the CEO of Horseman Shoes, Tonyi Senayah said, “without deviating from the concept of men’s shoes, this new collection ‘for her’ was designed first for our female clients some of who purchase for the men in their lives to have something for themselves as well, and to also provide a stylish, comfortable but easy slip on with different variations in color and design that gives not only warmth and coziness to their feet, but also serve as a companion in their daily race to achieve their goals.”

Horseman Shoes is a leather product manufacturer of a range of authentic made in Ghana formal and casual footwears for the young professionals and the working class. The brand has over the years been recognized for producing top notch footwear since established in 2010.

Awards which the company has won includes the 2015 CIMG President’s Special Marketing Performance Award, The Global Achiever’s Award in 2011 and Outstanding Product Quality by the African leadership Magazine in 2013 amongst others.

These shoes can be located and purchased at its main outlet in Kokomlemle or you can order via Facebook and Instagram at @horsemanshoes_forher. They can also be contacted on phone on 233 244058758.

Considering this month being a ‘Wear Ghana’ month, it is only prudent to support made in Ghana brands who are constantly working around the clock to introduce new products and improve on their customers demand and satisfaction.


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