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How to make Bamfo Bisi

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<p class="">Bamfo Bissi is a Ghanaian snack mainly filled with carbohydrates and gives you instant energy when required.</p>

<p class="">The snack has a crunchy exterior and soft in the middle when freshly fried, however, it hardens up when cold.</p>

<p class="">Ingredients</p>

<p class="">200g of milled corn flour</p>

<p class="">25g of Caster Sugar</p>

<p class="">Pinch of Nutmeg</p>

<p class="">100ml of water</p>

<p class="">500ml of Sunflower oil</p>

<p class="">80g of Roasted peeled Peanuts</p>

<p class=""><strong>Method</strong></p>

<p class="">· Mix the water and 100g of the milled corn flour in a saucepan and place on medium heat.</p>

<p class="">· Mix the corn flour and water till you form a hard smooth paste. It’s the same process of making a choux pastry but will corn flour. This should take about 8-10 minutes.</p>

<p class="">· In a bowl, mix the remaining 100g of corn flour, Sugar and Nutmeg together.</p>

<p class="">· Transfer the hot dough into the dry Corn mixture and mix everything till well combined.</p>

<p class="">· With clean hands, scoop a handful of the Corn dough mixture and roll it in between your Palm to form an oblong shape.</p>

<p class="">· Insert a few groundnuts into each shaped corn dough and set aside.</p>

<p class="">· Pour the Sunflower oil into a Wok or Saucepan and place it on medium heat.</p>

<p class="">· Test the oil is hot by dropping a little corn dough into the oil. If it sizzles, your oil is ready.</p>

<p class="">· Fry each corn doughnut till it is golden brown and drain off any excess oil on a blotted Kitchen paper.</p>

<p class="">· Serve immediately with groundnuts and a glass of cold juice.</p>

<figure class="embedded_application" align="center"> <figcaption>BAMFO BISI

This recipe might come across as simple with little ingredients but don’t underestimate this snack! Its so delicious you will ask for more
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