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Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jnr reveals millionaire status in appreciative Father’s Day message to his Dad [ARTICLE]

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The son of Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, has revealed his millionaire status in a father’s day message to thank his father, the popular Ghanaian preacher and inventor who has manufactured cars and other sophisticated machines in Ghana, for making him who he is today.

Apostle Safo Kantanka

Apostle Safo Kantanka

Growing up I use to hear elderly people I grew up seeing say to me the ‘nana your father said you will take over from him when he is no more’ Everyone that knows me very well will attest to the fact that in a certain point in my life I lost hope in that statement not because you didn’t love me enough, I lost hope in myself because of the things I was doing which were way contrary to everything you stood for,” Kwadwo wrote on social media.

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Talking about how his sister, Lawyer Adwoa Safo, the Dome Kwabenya MP and Minister, has been progressive with her career whilst he was living contrary to his father’s vision, He continued that “I remember one time I sat myself down and peacefully accepted that Honorable Adwoa Safo was a better candidate to take over from you than me”.

Deputy Majority Leader Sarah Adwoa Safo

Deputy Majority Leader Sarah Adwoa Safo

The 30-year-old, who once married actress Juliet Ibrahim and father her son before their divorce, however, disclosed that he turned over a new leaf from his wayward life and is proud of himself today, as he is in charge of his father’s establishments and even becoming a millionaire at his age.

I can’t type enough. All you kept telling me is Kwadwo in this life when you are born a man, you are born a warrior. Never stop till you can’t go anymore, a failure is one who quits but once I have breath I will keep going. At my age am a millionaire and have everything I never imagine I would have at this age,” Kwadwo wrote.

Concluding his message, he said “You are alive And strong yet still you have fully handed over everything you have worked for in life to me. Wow and that still amazes me Dad. I will always make you proud. Happy Father’s Day my heart”. See his post below and say hi to Kwadwo who has now officially join the table of young Ghanaian millionaires.


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