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Now is the time to show love to hiplife musician Okomfo Kwadee

by admin

Ghanaians are shocked after a new photo of once prolific hiplife musician Okomfo Kwadee born Jerry Anaba, a native of Navrongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana surfaced on the internet. A picture of when he was in his element: The once handsome and well-built musician has drastically reduced weight, now looking like a person infected with a chronic disease. What at all may be the problem that has caused this? A question yet to get an answer. With his uncommon and typically traditional brand of music, he controlled Ghana after the release of his first album, “Kwaadee”, the album which gave him a showbiz name. See how time flies. After huge achievement and honour in the music industry following the release of hit songs like, ‘Kwaadee/Aboro ne Bayie’, ‘Ataa Adwoa’, ‘ka wo nan to so’ among others, the musician was reported to have suffered a mental condition which took him away from the music scene for a couple of years. After he was announced to have recovered, it surfaced he had sadly fallen again following few months of making public displays and released a new song. Okomfo Kwadee without doubt has passed through a lot in life (a very bad one) and it’s time we show him love through any belief system available be it prayers. Remember him whenever you go down on your knees to say a word of prayer. See his current picture: It is clear that the musician needs help and all the love he can get at this stage in his life. We hope though that he gets back to his best.

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