Universal Plastic Products and Recycling (UPPR) Ghana Limited in collaboration with Ecobank Ghana Limited and the Environment Service Providers Association has launched a 1 million Waste Bin project aimed at reducing “indiscriminate disposal” of waste in Ghana.

launch which took place at the headquarters of Ecobank Ghana Limited
saw in attendance various stakeholders in the sanitation value chain,
including the ministry of sanitation, members of Parliament, municipal
assembly members and the media.

to the managing director of Ecobank Ghana Limited, Mr Dean Sackey,
Ecobank Ghana’s collaboration in this big project stems from its
commitment to helping in the creation of massive awareness about
environmental cleanliness among Ghanaians.

one million wastebins

reiterated the need for every home in Ghana to have a waste bin which
according to him is essential in ensuring proper disposal and recycling
of waste.

revealed that Ecobank on its part has invested at least 10 million
dollars as a medium-term loan facility to support the production of
waste bins to be distributed across the country.

one million wastebins

The executive secretary of the Environmental Service Providers Association, Ama Ofori Antwi indicated that the current filth insurgency engulfing the country can be attributed to the lack of sufficient waste bins in homes, workplaces, public bus stations and other places of the public sphere.

on the project, the Chief Operating Officer for technical and Logistics
Cluster of the Jospong Group of companies, Mr Alex Atakorah indicated
that ensuring good sanitary conditions in Ghana can only come about
through Public-Private partnership approach which is currently being

to him, the Sustainable development goals which support a clean
environment could never be achieved without the use of waste bins.

also revealed that most of the operation the Universal Plastic Products
and Recycling are sourced and recovered from their dumpsites and
landfills which all contribute immensely towards reducing the waste
burden on the country.

1 million Waste project is expected to further complement the existing
sanitation initiatives by the various government institutions in the
country including Metropolitan assemblies and District Assemblies.

one million wastebins


The special waste bins under the one million Waste Bin project have been fitted with Radio Frequency Identity tags that enable the Waste management companies to closely monitored to record how often the bins get emptied.

feature is expected to eliminate the current situation of “Over-spill”
of waste bins which often lead to air pollution and contamination.

officials of the waste management companies with ID cards are expected
to move into communities for the purposes of distributing and
registering of the waste bins to homes, schools, offices and other
public spaces.