2 Year Old’s ‘Murder’ Sparks Anger

SOME ANGRY residents of Chinese – a community at Kasoa – have threatened to sack all Nigerian nationals from the community if government does not relocate them.

issued the threat following the recent murder of a two-year-old boy named
Junior in the community.

to the residents, they would take the law into their hands if their call on government
fails to yield any immediate response.

have hinted that they will move from one house to another in the community to
evict Nigerian nationals living at Chinese.

to Accra-based Citi FM, an angry
resident emphasised: “We will embark on a house to house tour and sack all
Nigerians in the area. This is the only way to prevent our women and children
from falling prey to these Nigerians”.

indicated that the body of the two-year-old boy, who went missing on April 24,
was found under rubble.

said the boy was sighted in a black saloon car with Nigerian registration
number which sped off.

angry residents attributed the high incidence of criminal activities in the
area to the presence of Nigerian nationals in the area.

concerned resident also indicated that “their presence here is putting the
lives of women and children in danger.”

residents also blamed cash-hungry landlords who rented their rooms to Nigerian
nationals without finding out their source of living.

added that when the Nigerians allegedly committed crime in the places they
resided, they would quickly relocate to another house or area.

landlords don’t make any good background checks before giving their rooms out
to them,” another resident noted adding that only one Nigerian national would
approach a landlord to rent a room but later, they would rent the room or
apartment to other Nigerians without the knowledge of the landlord. 

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