We’ve all heard before how there are things you should never
say to your partner, but there are many things you can tell your significant
other that can help keep the love and harmony in your life together as a

These sentences apply in whichever stage your relationship
is at, no matter if you’ve been officially dating for a month or have been
married for many many years.

Words of affirmation are one of the 5 languages of love that
needs to be acknowledged more. Never say has “he/she already known how I feel”,
because people doubt themselves a lot, even if they don’t show it, and it’s
always a plus to hear something positive from the one you love instead of just
assume it’s true.

Here are 37 things to say to your partner to keep the love

 1. I love you.

2. How are you?

3. I appreciate you.

4. Thank you.

5. You can be yourself around me.

6. I love spending time with you.

7. I like you.

8. You are wonderful.

9. Being with you makes me happiest.

10. I’m proud of you.

11. Are you okay?

12. I miss you.

13. Do you need to be alone?

14. it’s going to be okay.

15. I trust you.

16. We’re in this together.

17. I want to understand you.

18. I’m sorry.

19. I don’t agree, but let’s try.

20. I believe you can do this.

21. How can I help?

22. I love your…

23. Our relationship means a lot to me.

24. I support you.

25. This is important to me.

26. I’m not okay today because…

27. Our relationship always excites me.

28. I’m grateful for you.

29. You bring out the best in me.

30. I learnt this from you.

31. Lets go on a date today.

32. What do you think?

33. I love you exactly the same at your best and worst.

34. You’re my best friend.

35. You’re really beautiful.

36. I love it when you…

37. I’m grateful I met you.