Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah celebrated her 30-year-old birthday on Wednesday, June 6, 2019. 

To celebrate the milestone, Ella took to social media to share some hot photos with her fans.

The actress opened up her cleavage in the photo with her colorful hair depicting her model lifestyle.

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In her captions, the actress thanked God for how far he had brought her in life.

“I’m officially a grown woman, it’s a wrap between me n my twenties but I must confess, my twenties was a bombshell, I achieved a lot so many blessings n lessons, fell in love, fell out of love , made some bad moves and succeeded cried so many times, became a Proud Mother in my twenties ?? met some amazing people in my twenties.., I mean my twenties was amazing and I can’t wait for what my thirties has to offer but I’m soo grateful! God has been so good to me. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve all these blessings that come my way … Dear Lord, THANK YOU for blessing me more than I deserve . On this SPECIAL DAY all I ask for is for y’all ( my family, friends, followers and my haters) to PRAY for Me. Dear Lord, on this beautiful and special day, pls grant me my heart desires In Jesus Name .., Amen ,” she said.

In another photo, she said: “Happy birthday to Me??… Thank you Lord for blessing me more than I deserve .” 

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Ella Mensah has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment sphere. Recently, she admitted in an interview on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s Delay Show that she bleached her skin to become fair in complexion.

She disclosed how she spent as much as 2,000 pounds sterling (almost GHC 14,000 Ghana Cedis) on injections to get her current colour.

See her post below: