Some aggrieved youth of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) last Saturday attacked the party’s office in the Sagnarigu Constituency in the Northern Region.

The angry youth, who claimed they have been neglected by the government in terms of employment since assuming power, destroyed furniture and some documents in the party office.

Drawing attention

They claimed their action was to draw the attention of the party to their plight.

Some of the irate youth who spoke to the media claimed they were side-stepped in the National Identification Authority (NIA) recruitment exercise in the constituency.

“We the youth in the constituency were denied the employment and people were brought from elsewhere to take up the jobs,” they stated.

Since the incident broke out last Saturday, no arrest had been made and the police say they have launched investigations to apprehend those who were behind the attack.

The Deputy Constituency Secretary of the party, Seidu Alhassan said the action of the youth was as a result of the NIA recruitment exercise in the constituency.

Left out

He explained that the youth in the constituency felt they were qualified for the jobs but they were left out, therefore, they decided to take that action to draw the attention of the party leadership.

He stated further that the NIA was to recruit about 84 people to augment their staff who are working in the constituency but the youth in the area were left out, with other people who were not from the constituency given the jobs.

Mr Alhassan confirmed that the angry youth destroyed some property of the party during the attack.

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