Mr Reuben Narh-Doku, the Jato Cooperative Distillers Society Chairman in the Eastern Region of Ghana has called on government to help establish a sugar factory in their town.

He said the Jato community depends heavily on sugar to produce most of the local gin, Akpeteshie.

According to him, if establishing a sugar factory may not be feasible, he will suggest that government find them investors to build warehouse where they can easily have access to sugar to brew their local gin.

“We have a vast land here where we can plant lots of sugar cane to suppport the sugar factory. Regardless, if they can also find us investors to build a big warehouse here where we can have easy access to, we’ll be grateful,” he intimated.

Speaking to journalists, Mr Narh added that the importation of ethanol from abroad for the production of alcoholic beverages is killing their business.

“I think ethanol is imported for some purpose. However we’ll plead with the government to regulate its activities and make sure it gets to the appropriate areas where it must be used,” he stressed.