The Desert Foxes of Algeria have won their second trophy in the African Cup of Nations.

The Desert Foxes won 1-0 over the Teranga Lions of Senegal at the Cairo International Stadium on Friday night.

Ahmed Bounedjah got the only goal under one minute of play and that was enough for Senegal to loose their second final.

The Teranga Lions pressed harder for the equalizer but could not make any meaningful product from their ball possession.

On the 27th minute, Henry Savit of Senegal was unlucky when he tried a surprise volley, this nearly caught Adi-Rais Mbohli off guard but missed the post by inches.

Senegal started the second half in a move active fashion, moving the ball quickly into spaces with pace on the flanks.

A low cross from Sar hit the hand of Bemlrami which was initially awarded as a penalty but after VAR consultation, the referee decided to rescind his decision.

Algeria have secured their second title after winning it in 1990 after several failed attempts. And Senegal have also failed to win it even once, placing second in 2002.