File Photo: Appietus & Prophet Badu Kobi

Sound engineer and musician, Appiah Dankwah,
popularly known as Appietus, has on Asempa FM’s Tete-a-Tete show, defended his earlier assertion that the Founder and
General Overseer of Glorious Wave
International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, simply wanted  to trend, that was why he made those tribalistic
statements against Ashanti, Ewe and Fante women.

Prophet Kobi, addressing his congregation, maligned
Ashanti, Fanti and Ewe women and claimed that a research he conducted led to
his conclusions.

“If you marry an Ashanti woman, you have imported a
problem for yourself. They are greedy, selfish and ungrateful. I have made a
research into that,” he claimed.

Reacting to this comment, Appietus, firing back at
the man of God, said he needs to be taken on by Ashanti women to apologise,
especially to the Asantehemaa.

“If your wife (who happens to be Ashanti) is greedy,
does it mean all are greedy? He must be taken on to apologise, especially to
the Asantehemaa whom he has gravely insulted,” he said.

Appietus said men of God are supposed to purport
goodwill, hope and love.

“Prophet Kobi is a classic example of what the
scripture proclaimed as ‘false prophets’ and in this case, he is only seeking
to trend on the media.”

Source: | Nancy Avevor