The minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Cynthia Mamle Morrison has called on Ghanaians to appreciate the efforts of fathers.

A statement signed and copied to GNA stated that there are experiences and moments in life that have resounding impacts on them and one of such was a father’s love.

“How, can we forget those who gave us our soul and proudly named us to be identified as their own? Anyone can be a biological father, but it takes a real man to be a responsible and a good father”.

The male parent who has legal right, paternal bond and social relation with the child is a father.

It is said a father raises the child in the right moral manner; He lives as a pillar of strength, support and discipline to the children and the family at large.

The statement said an affectionate father, supportive and an involved father can contribute greatly to his child’s cognitive, language and social development as well as academic achievement.

Father’s day is thus celebrated to honour fathers and celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds and influence of fathers in society.

The minister said the active role of fathers in the lives of children protects them against behavioural problems including alcohol and drug abuse.

Fathers set the standards, enforce rules and provide for their families both financially and emotionally which means that a father’s responsibilities at home extend way beyond financial security to providing a conducive environment for proper development of children.

“The issues of disability, vulnerability, and marginalization would be minimal in our country, if all fathers understand their role in the lives of their children. This explains why we always plead with fathers who are currently not active in the lives of their families to live up to expectation and train our children into fully functional adults”.

The ministry therefore exceptionally salutes all fathers who fall within their ideal father bracket and who make themselves relevant in the lives of their children, families and communities.

They recognize the multitask and risks fathers take as office workers, drivers, ‘family bank’, security officers, electricians, auto mechanics, farmers, carpenters, plumbers and religious leaders to satisfy the needs of the family and to prove their masculinity to earn respect as the head of the family.

The minister also asked that fathers are respected and supported in an un-abusive environment to glow. Let’s them understand, support and bear with fathers to overcome their challenges.

The statement however, said children as young as 6 years who live on the street, loiter around and are out school, lack parental guidance, support and leadership.

They are lost in life’s processes and have to learn the hard way whether good or bad. They don’t know their fathers let alone as their role models.

This the statement said implied that in as much as there are some good fathers out there, others fail to take responsibility of their children that they bring into this world, leaving the burden on mothers.

“A real father makes himself relevant in the upbringing of his children and also set himself as a pillar against whom the family leans on”.

A real father is a mentor and a motivator, it said.

The 16th June, has been set aside to celebrate fathers especially those who have worked endlessly to raise their children religiously as their God given task.

Source: GNA