…As Medical Report Denies Torture

Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri

A medical examination conducted on Modern Ghana Editor – Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri – has indicated that the suspect was not tortured by National Security operatives as he claimed after his brief incarceration.

The Police Hospital medical officer’s   report indicated that the suspect was examined twice and the outcomes of both tests posted a healthy Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri Abubakari.

The clean bill of health contained in the report belies his claim of suffering torture including electrical shocks at the hands of security operatives of the National Security Council Secretariat who arrested him for his alleged hacking of sites of media institutions and others without authorization.

The medical examination has put an end to the politicization of the subject which sought to cast government in bad light, especially in the eyes of the international community.

Report Interpretation

“The patient whose name appears as Abubakari aged 32 reported on Saturday 29/6/19 at 4.30pm to the doctor complaining of waist pains; the examination following did not show any abnormality in his condition.

“There was a repeat hospital visit on 3rd July which showed no bruises, no cuts or grazes with everything looking normal and his lower spine also in good shape,” the report indicated.

“There was no medical sign of assault taking place although he did complain about that,” the report indicated. There was also no sign of long-term damage.

At the time of examination, there was no sign consistent with his claim about suffering assault or battery.

The report added that he had no abrasion or laceration, no swelling on the face. He had a clear chest.

He was re-examined on 3/7/19 and he was not pale, and had pale hydration with clear chest. No abnormality was detected.

No abrasion was seen and can bear weight on all limbs.

This shows that at the time of the examination he could stand erect, with his limbs being in good state of health.

Had he suffered the quantum of assault he claimed he did his limbs might have failed and standing on them might be impossible.

He had no swelling on his face or reddening of the eyes. An x-Ray was also done on the suspect but this showed as the doctor put it ‘was unremarkable.’

A National Security Council Secretariat statement in reaction to the suspect’s claim of suffering torture when he was detained explained that when he was handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in furtherance of the process the detectives demanded his medical examination.

He claimed to have turned upside down, his head down and his legs upwards as part of the ordeal he endured.

Apart from the electric shocks, he said he was subjected to hefty slaps and added that he was asked more than 20 questions and each came with a slap.

The flurry of interventions, most of them tendentious, which followed his claims, should end with these medical developments from the Police Hospital.

His colleague, Emmanuel Britwum, on Thursday denied the torture claim his colleague bandied about in the media.

By A.R. Gomda

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