CandidatesTake Galaxy Scholarship Exams

Galaxy International School has organised its annual scholarship
exams for over a thousand students from both private and public schools across
the country. 

Each year, the school gives opportunities for brilliant but
needy students to have access to their excellent modern system through a
scholarship offer. The scholarship which ranges between 100% and 25% has
enabled many students who otherwise could not afford the school fees to attend
the prestigious school. The examination is organised for Class Six students
preparing to join JHS 1 and JHS 3 students hoping to start SHS.

This year, hundreds of students took part in the first round of
the exams. Most of the students were upbeat about their chances of excelling in
the exams. Some of the candidates in an interview hinted that Galaxy
International School is their dream institution and therefore saw the
scholarship exams as a means to their dreams. 

The principal of the school, Mr. Caper Tepeli, told reporters that
the scholarship offer is part of the corporate social responsibility of the
school aimed at bridging the widened gap between the rich and the poor. He was
happy that many previous scholarship winners have been placed in prestigious
universities across the country and beyond. Some have also completed tertiary
education and are doing very well in their various fields of endeavour.

In an interview, Mrs. Gifty Afful, an English language teacher
of the school, indicated that she was proud to be part of an organisation that
has the plight of the needy at heart. According to her, teaching such students
“is inspiring and humbling.”

Mr. Samed Salem, a parent who accompanied his daughter to the
exams ground, was excited about the facilities at Galaxy School. He said that
he had prepared his daughter so well for the exams because he understood what
was at stake. He relished the opportunity to have his daughter at “this
prestigious environment.”

The school offers Ghanaian and British curriculum and has
students from over 31 countries across the globe. 

The Galaxy International School was established in 2001 and its
products are spread across 45 universities worldwide.

The next phase of the exams is due in a fortnight for shortlisted applicants.

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