Classroom Studies Not Enough For PR Practice – Mrs Cobbah

Esther A. N. Cobbah

The Chief Executive Officer and Lead Consultant of Stratcomm Africa, Esther A. N. Cobbah, has called on young women within the Public Relation (PR) fraternity to set their priorities right by mastering the art of PR at the expense of amassing enough wealth at an early stage in practice.

said that young PR professionals, who move from one organisation to the other
in search of better financial opportunities, often end up not learning the
crust of the profession due to the lack of patience to be nurtured and exposed
in the trade.

when there is a problem at work, sit down and try to solve it … If not, you
may succeed at earning bigger salaries elsewhere but you will not be of
substance,” she said.

Cobbah made the call when she interacted with members of Women in PR Ghana, a
professional network for women in Public Relations and Communications in Accra,
on Saturday, May 19, 2019.

meeting formed part of the engagement series under the Women-Soaring Higher
Achieving Real Excellence-SHARE programme.

her experience as PR professional with over three decades of experience, she
revealed that to excel at PR, one should not rely only on what was thought in
the classroom but rather focus on working hard, being self-motivated and being passionate
about the profession.

also mentioned the ability to own up to mistakes, being less sensitive,
complaining less about working conditions and staying humble as some virtues
that need to be adopted in order to be successful

Founder of Women in PR Ghana, Faith Senam Ocloo, for her part, highlighted the
need to bridge the mentorship gap that existed between women of different
generation especially within the PR fraternity.

She indicated that younger women often need the support and experiences of the senior women in PR in order to make wise decisions and take their rightful places within the communication industry.

By Issah Mohammed

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