The fact-finding committee instituted by the University of Ghana to investigate allegations of ‘sex for grades’ against two lecturers — Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Butakor — has established a prima facie case against them.

Consequently, the committee has recommended that the lecturers be brought before the university’s disciplinary committee.

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A statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs of the university, Ms Stella A. Amoa, and issued yesterday said the fact-finding committee, chaired by Justice Vida Akoto-Bamfo, a retired Supreme Court judge, indicated in its report to the Vice-Chancellor that there was prima facie evidence against the two lecturers, contrary to Paragraph 6.4 of the Code of Conduct for Academic Staff of the University of Ghana, which stipulates that “academic staff shall, at all times, comport themselves in ways that will enhance their image and that of the university”.

It said the committee further found prima facie evidence of misconduct, contrary to Statute 42 (1) (e) (iii) of the University of Ghana Statutes, which states that “… member of the university shall engage in a course or vexatious conduct that is directed at one or more specific or more individuals and that is known to be unwelcome ……”.

Report accepted

The statement indicated that the vice-chancellor had accepted the committee’s findings and forwarded the report to the disciplinary committee, senior members and the appropriate adjudicatory committee for immediate redress.

“The University of Ghana reiterates its commitment to root out sexual harassment and misconduct and reminds its students and employees of the provisions of its anti-sexual harassment and misconduct policy, as well as those contained in the statutes of the University of Ghana,” it said.

“The university would want to assure its stakeholders that it will not shield any member of the community found to have contravened these provisions,” it added.


Following a BBC documentary titled: ‘Sex for grades’, which implicated Prof. Gyampoh and Dr Butakor, the University of Ghana constituted a committee to investigate the allegations.

Prof. Gyampo and Dr Butakor were filmed allegedly engaging in several forms of sexual harassment and misconduct in the documentary.

After the airing of the documentary, Prof. Gyampo reacted strongly, saying he was the target of an agenda to tarnish his image.

He denied engaging in ‘sex for grades’ and threatened to take legal action against the BBC.

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