Mr. Archibald Adams, the Advocacy Coordinator of Planned Parenthood Association Ghana (PPAG), has said that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) would be included in some subjects to be studied in schools from September this year.

He said the CSE has been developed, validated and accepted by the Ministry of Education while learning and teaching materials have been piloted in some schools in the country.

Speaking at the workshop organized by PPAG in Accra, Mr. Adams said that the CSE was a progressive agenda that exposed adolescents to issues on community values, self-esteem, negotiation skills, and their sexuality and population development.

This, he said, will give the adolescent a total exposure about their bodies and enable them to be responsible.

He stated that the CSE went beyond sex education and that it would enable adolescents to develop life skills, including critical thinking, assertiveness, and ability to open up on personal issues and seek help from the right people.

Mr. Adams said that there had been plans to design a similar programme for adolescents, who are out of school because of their special needs, which are not in line with the needs of those in school.

He has urged Ghanaians to embrace the Comprehensive Sexuality Education as an educative tool that would help equip adolescents with essential life skills needed for their development.

Source: GNA