Extreme religious behaviours among Ghanaians have made us believe that everything is achievable through religious subtext, forgetting the most important issues with reference to science and technology, which are the regulators of the universe.

This psychological encroachment through religious indoctrination has kept us as none-achievers remaining in servitude. The Ghanaian child enters school with dogmatic religious beliefs from their upbringing.

This has implanted on our psyche an inferiority complex with the assumption that anything foreign is superior, since our imaginary spiritual saviours, we very much revere, are of different genomic.

In this strain, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, our first President, realising the consequences of religious barrage that could derail our advancement, built non-religious institutions to counterpoint the religious brainwashing that was obliged on us by the colonialists.

This policy was unsustainable because the scholars, who eventually headed and staffed these non-religious institutions like the local authority schools, were all products of the sacrosanct schools that eventually indoctrinated them.

Nkrumah, again, tried to instil Africanism ideology in Ghanaians and Africans at large by building the ‘Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute’ at Winneba, to make Ghanaians and Africans broadly believe in themselves with pride, trusting in their abilities to develop, similar to the Chinese and other successful people in the world, without religious motivation.

This honourable stance, however, failed because of partisan misconstructions.