John Dumelo visits the largest green house in Bamako, Mali/ Photo source: Dumelo’s Instagram

Over the last five years, lots of countries have revised their laws to decriminalise the usage and trade of marijuana.

The marijuana industry reports billions of dollars annually
for countries that patronise it such as America, Canada and South Africa among

Speaking on the business, actor John Dumelo has urged the Government of Ghana to consider decriminalising it and jump into the marijuana trade.

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He said the incumbent party can “look into setting a farm for solely export and not local consumption.”

He added that, “Ghana can cash in on the billions of dollars. We need revenue for infrastructure, paying of salaries etc.”

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For those who are talking against it, John simply said: “We have all it takes to generate that. Let’s stop talking and start trading.”

Read the tweet below:

Source: | Dennis K. Adu