Female artistes on the Rufftown Records label owned by Bullet, who managed the late singer, Ebony, have been accused of trying to be like the late singer and new signee, Fantana, has also become a victim.

Fantana has a deep voice, something that Ebony also had and
she has been criticised for trying to sound and be like the latter but
according to her, the only similarity they share is the voice.

“Actually when I posted my music video, the comments I had asserted that I was trying to be like her but it is not true. The only way I am similar to her is the voice. She had a deep voice like me and so on that note, yes we are similar.

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“But, on the style and our way of doing things we are not the same. You can’t blame the people too because we are on the same label being managed by the same person so it is fine if they say that. I remember when Wendy Shay came, same was said about her but in all honesty, we are different people,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Talking about her relationship with Uber Driver singer, Wendy Shay, Fantana said, “we are okay, we relate like normal people, there is no competition whatsoever. Our music and style of singing are actually different, our dreams and goals are also different so we are okay.”


When asked to mention two people she would love to work with in the future, she said, “I would love to work with Wendy Shay and Shatta Wale, these acts are great and I love what they do so it will be a great opportunity having them on the same song.”

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Fantana also disclosed that she does not drink nor smoke
because of her immune system.

“No I don’t have that system that can hold alcohol or smoke anything. I am weak like that. I have never tasted alcohol or smoked ‘weed’ or cigarette,” she said.

On how she knows she has a weak system that cannot
accommodate smoking or drinking, she answered that, “I do not need to try it to
know the system I have, I know myself and I know what works for me and what
does not.”

Fantana, who also has a fashion background said she chose music over fashion because of her passion.

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“I own a fashion brand called Sebastian Clothing which is
for the men but I love music, I have been doing music since my childhood so I
had no choice than to follow it. This does not mean that I have given up on
that, I still do that but is not the main path I want to take now.”

Fantana, real name Francine Nyanko Koffi, hails from the Western Region but was born and raised in Atlanta in the United States of America.