File photo: A half-naked man

Doctors in Saudi Arabia conducted a delicate operation over the weekend as they removed tweezers from a 22-year-old man’s penis.

According to the Doctors who reported the case to online medical forum, UROLOGY CASE REPORTS’, after viewing an x-ray of where the tweezers were located in the urethra, they applied pressure on either side of the penis to keep the 2.7-inch tweezers closed as they carefully brought it out of the base of the penile shaft.

The man who was unnamed in the report reported himself to doctors and revealed he had a history of inserting metal objects into his urethra.

Doctors say some men insert objects into their penis due to psychiatric issues, being drunk or for sexual gratification and hardly report to doctors due to embarrassment.

The patient in the report said he felt no pain during the 4 years the object was in his urethra, was in good health and did not suffer any difficulties in urinating.

The doctors, writing in the forum, said: ‘At the end of the procedure, no urethral catheter was inserted, the patient voided well and went home post-procedure.

‘The patient was recommended to undergo a psychiatric evaluation but he refused. The patient did not follow up with the outpatient department.’

Source: Lindaikeji