The Ghana Federation of Allied Health Professions (GFAHP) has suspended its sit down strike following deliberations with
Nana Kwabena Adjei-Mensah, Chief Director for the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday.

The deliberation centered on two main concerns raised by the leadership of the Federation, which had to do with the absence of a governing board for the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) 27 months after the dissolution of the previous one, especially in the light of the fact that all other health sector regulatory bodies had their boards inaugurated.

Secondly, the group raised concerns over the non-inclusion of the Allied Health Professionals in the proposed amendments to the Governing Boards of Ghana Health Service and teaching hospitals.

In a press briefing, the Chief Director assured the leadership that he would not relent on their concerns, but would hold a discussion with the Chief of Staff and the Chairman of the Council of State to ensure swift resolution of the impasse.

He said with regard to the delay on the inauguration of the AHPC board, a list of nominees submitted by the Federation had been approved by the sub-committee of the Council of State in consultation with the Chairman of the Council of State.

Adding that, the list would be submitted to the plenary session, which would be convened from May 29 to 30.

Mr Adjei-Mensah stated that on the non-inclusion of the Allied Health Professionals in the proposed amendment to the Governing Boards of the Teaching Hospitals, the Chief Director would arrange an emergency meeting between the leadership of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health and that of the GFAHP, by May 31 to get their concerns resolved.

The Chief Director added that to avert any interruption in service delivery and its attendant effect on patient care, the leadership of GFAHP shall call of the strike with immediate effect while the MOH and Ghana Health Service (GHS) engage the relevant stakeholders.

Dr Ignatius Awinibuno, Chairman of the Council of Presidents, GFAHP,
stated that the Federation had considered the numerous interventions, concerns and commitment to resolve their concerns and as such they had resolved to suspend the sit down strike with immediate effect, while the MOH and GHS engaged relevant stakeholders to ensure swift and final resolution of the impasse by June 7.

He also commended members of GFAHP for their patience so far and assured that the federation shall continue to mount pressure on Government to resolve the issues. “The leadership will monitor the situation and review it weekly,” He concluded.

The GFAHP is made up of about 17 professional associations in the Country, comprising of the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (GAMLS), Ghana Physiotherapy Association (GPA), Ghana Society of Radiographers (GSR), Ghana Optometric Association (GOA), Ghana Dietetic Association (GDA) and the Ghana Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics (GHAPO.

Other members include the Ghana Health Information Management Association (GHIMA), Ghana Society of Medical Physicists (GSMP), Ghana Association of Public Health Technical Officers (GAPHTO) Ghana Association of Community Mental Health Officers (GNACMHOS), Ghana Para-Dental Association (GPA), Oral Health Professionals Association of Ghana (OHPAG) and Opticians Association of Ghana (OAG).

In addition are the Health Promotion Association of Ghana (HPAG), Nutrition Association of Ghana (NAG), Ghana Environmental Health Officers Association (GEHOA) and Speech Therapy and Audiology Association of Ghana (STAAG).

Source: GNA