From Hannover To Accra In 3 Weeks On Motorbike

Robert and his 600cc BMW motorbike

50-year-old German, Robert Mionskowski, has done what many will think is a
crazy adventure.

has ridden on a BMW motorbike from the German city of Hannover to Accra – a
daredevil mission that took him three weeks.

told DAILY
that his son is a volunteer in Volta Region’s Vakpo, for which
reason he decided to visit him using a motorbike for the trip.

a motorbike gives me a sense of freedom,” he disclosed.

said he started from Hannover to Spain, Gibraltar then to Morocco and
Mauritania – both in North Africa. He eventually reached Senegal, then Ivory
Coast and now Accra, he said.

I was a kid, my family of three had only one bicycle. Neighbours asked me
whether I would like to ride and I responded in the positive. I love the
freedom of riding. Before this trip, I used to ride to Italy from Germany. I
was told about the dangers on the way but the people I have met have all been
friendly. When they realize the mission I was on they were friendly and
helpful. Soldiers and residents were all friendly in Africa. Their conduct was
different from what I was told before I embarked upon the trip. I did not
witness any of the corruption stories I was told were rife along African
borders. People asked me to come and pass the night in their houses,” he
narrated his story to DAILY GUIDE.

staff who learnt about his mission when he went seeking entry visas were
fascinated about what he wanted to do and did not hesitate to affix the approval
stamp on his passport.

lodged at the Agoo Hostel near the DAILY GUIDE office – a location
frequented by tourists. Asked whether he relied on GPS, he said no, adding “I
rather relied on a map”.

asserted that he would ship the motorbike back to Germany as he flies back home
after a successful mission to Ghana by road.

His volunteer son was happy to see his father accomplish his mission.

By A.R. Gomda

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