Some officers of the National Identification Authority (NIA) have been busted for allegedly registering people for the national identity card, Ghana Card at night.

They were busted at a private residence at Awudome, near the St Theresa Catholic Church in Accra on Tuesday night at about 7pm.

It was some residents of the area, who upon a tip-off, pounced on the officers who were reportedly working outside of the approved working hours for the national exercise, which is being done in phases and started last week in Greater Accra.

The official working hours for the registration officers is from 8am to 5pm.

The case has since been reported at the Kaneshie Police station and investigations are currently underway.

The police together with the complainants visited the house where the exercise was reportedly taking place and carried the registration machines to the Kaneshie Police Station.

When Graphic Online visited the Kaneshie Police station at 10:10 pm on Tuesday, the registration equipment including a laptop, a fingerprint machine, a camera, registration forms, some of which had been partly filled, a birth certificate and other accessories were at the police station as exhibits.

The investigator handling the case was seen taking statements from some of the complainants.

Graphic Online observed that the laptop had been turned on and the software for registering, labeled on a page as “Identity Management System” had been launched and the page for capturing demographic data had been opened.

There were, however, no suspects in custody.

The private residence from where the items were seized is near the St Theresa’s Catholic Church at Awudome where the NIA has set up an official registration centre according to the complainants.

According to the complainants, they received information that, since the exercise started, the registration officers have been registering people at night.

So on Tuesday, they decided to spring a surprise on them and when they stormed the house where the exercise was taking place at about 7pm, they alleged they saw about 30 people waiting in a queue to be registered.

They subsequently disrupted the exercise and reported the case at the Kaneshie Police station.

Police officers accompanied them to the house to retrieve the equipment and sent them to the police station.

When Graphic Online visited the Kaneshie Police station, the investigator handling the case declined comment and explained his senior officers were the ones to speak on the matter and that can only be done on Wednesday morning.

Efforts to immediately get a comment from the NIA was also not successful.

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