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Ghana Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey subtly chooses Ghana Jollof [ARTICLE]


However, what both countries can’t agree on is who has the best Jollof.

Now, a popular one-pot rice dish in West Africa with the main ingredients being rice, tomatoes, onions and cooking oil. Adventurous cookers have other ways of garnishing the meal.

The battle between Ghana and Nigeria for this delicacy has also triggered down to the preference of other nationalities who visit these two in West Africa.

When the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Patrick Dorsey announced his visit to both Ghana and Nigeria, there was only one question in mind and it was not about what the computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur had in store for Africa.

It was about whose Jollof was going to get validated between Ghana and Nigeria.

Verdict? Jack picked Ghana Jollof!

So, here’s a quick explainer to how the conclusion was drawn.

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When Jack arrived in Nigeria, his first tweet was : “So grateful to finally be in Nigeria”

From that point, he posted about talking with Nigerian entrepreneurs, visiting University of Lagos and the Art Café.

In none of the posts did the Twitter co-founder talk about food or Jollof to be precise. The closest we saw him in anything concerning food is Nigerians tagging him and forcing their Jollof in photos on his timeline.

However, when Jack got to Ghana, his first tweet was: “Hello Ghana”.

Since Nigerians were still shoving their tweets down his timeline, he retweeted one for the kind person that he is, posted about his bitcoin meetup and boom, GHANA JOLLOF!

The tweet has since had over 1.7K retweets and over 9.2K likes but not without the usual battle in replies under the post.

Nigerians were trying to tell Jack he deserved better, belittle how the rice was cooked and many more.

In the end, no amount of backlash compares to the fact that the CEO of the land where the Jollof battle has been most prominent chose Ghana Jollof.

Quoting the words of a Ghanaian internet sensation: “Edey pain yooooou!”

Footnote: Nigeria wanted to sneak a win with this video but we all know what Jack felt was worth a post on his timeline.



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