The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has cautioned the public that the
down-pour currently being experienced in the southern half of the country may
be accompanied by strong winds.

It, therefore,
urged the public to take the necessary precautions in order to stay safe.

An earlier forecast
on Sunday said the rainstorm was expected over parts of the Volta, Eastern and
Greater Accra regions.

The GMA has urged
the public to take safety measures to minimise casualties during this year’s
major rainy season.

Southern Ghana is
currently experiencing heavy rains, which started about 1700 hours GMT.

Mr Michael Padi,
the Senior Meteorologist, says people should be particularly careful when
moving during a downpour as drains overflowed making it difficult to determine
which area was safe.

“It is best to find
some near-by safe shelter, and wait for the floods to recede before moving,’’
he said.

Mr Padi said the
public must avoid seeking shelter under weak structures or underneath shady
trees, because the rains would, typically, be accompanied by strong winds,
which may put one at risk.

He said structures
with pointed roofings attracted lightening and were unsafe for use as shelter.

“From experience,
people are aware of the toll of heavy rains on their various vicinities,
resulting in flooding, and so they should move to safer places during heavy
rains,” he said.

Mr Padi urged drivers
to be extra careful when it rained because slippery roads made driving more
dangerous and flooded roads made it difficult to tell where a huge gutter or
drain was. 

“The best thing to do when it is raining heavily is to stop and take a shelter in the safest place available,” he said.

Source: GNA

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