The President of the National Union of Ghana
Students has called for a radical approach by stakeholders in the fight against
the use of shisha otherwise known as hookah in Ghana.

According to Tinkaro Asare Osei, the latest
statistics provided by the Ghana Health Service on shisha use among junior high
school students for instance, was more alarming and challenging to note that
1.3 percent of students at the junior high school level in Ghana smoke shisha in
spite of all the education about its harmful nature.

“We at NUGS call for urgent attention in dealing with this issue “he said at a program organised by the Food and Drugs Authority held under the theme “Tobacco and Lung Health”.

Tinkaro expressed satisfaction that NUGS together
with the Food and Drugs Authority will be embarking on a campaign at the senior
and junior high school levels to sensitize and combat misguided notions that encourage
shisha use among them.

He also called for extensive engagement with the
appropriate authorities to ensure that students are educated on the dangers of
shisha use and its damaging influence on their health.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority,
Mimi Darko commended NUGS on their desire to partner her outfit on a campaign
against tobacco or shisha use and expressed hope that subsequent
administrations will continue on a similar path considering the positive yields
such a campaign would have in preventing new shisha users and educating
existing young users about the harmful toll shisha and tobacco use have on
their health and wellbeing.

The event brought together representatives from the
World Health Organization, Parliamentary Select Committee on Health, Civil
Society Organizations and the National Union of Ghana Students.

The NUGS delegation included President Tinkaro Asare Osei, and Mr. Shadrach Owusu, Coordinating Secretary.


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