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Health Facilities Threaten Withdrawal Of NHIS Services

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Frank Torblu  

The Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana (PHFAOG) and Health Insurance Service Providers Association of Ghana (HISPAG) have given the government till February 29, 2020 to pay all National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) arrears owed them or face the withdrawal of their services to NHIS clients.
According to the two groups, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) owes service providers between nine to 14 months of services rendered to their card holders.
“Effective 1st March, 2020, the providers would be compelled to withdraw some service that continues to create financial burden especially those that are not within our control,” said the Associations at a press conference held in Accra.
The groups also called for the Finance Ministry to transfer all monies due NHIA in connection with 2.5 percent National Health Insurance Levy.

They urged the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to account for the total amount received on behalf of NHIA.
“We want full reimbursement to all private healthcare service providers up to September, 2019, a comprehensive reimbursement plan by the NHIA after deliberation with the Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana (PHFAoG) and Health Insurance Service Providers Association of Ghana (HISPAG),” they said.
The two associations further demanded an immediate review and adjustment to the medicine tariff to reflect current economic prices.

“We urge Government, the Minister of Health, the NHIA and all stakeholders to treat these issues with the utmost urgency it deserves to pre-empt any imminent action by service providers,” they stated.

Executive Director HISPAG, Frank Torblu, said members of the Association are being harassed and dragged to court by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and the Ghana Revenue Authority for non-payment of their taxes and contributions.
“It is very sad for our clinicians to put their lives at risk to save lives of NHIS card holders for which payment has not been received from the NHIS but to be put before court for nonpayment of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and SSNIT contribution on behalf of their staff,” he explained.
Mr. Torblu thus called on the NHIS to act swiftly and pay the arrears as the contractual agreement explicitly states, “The NHIA will make payments within 90 days of receipt of claims unless written notice of a dispute or discrepancy is furnished the provider within 30 days of receipt of claim.”
The NHIA in response said management was currently in a meeting over the issues raised by PHFAOG and HISPAG in order to address their concerns.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri & Mary Asieduwaa 



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