After releasing a diss track to jab his friend Shatta Wale, rapper Sarkodie says he currently does not know the type of relationship that exists between them.

He notes that there is no beef between them and that he still loves the controversial dancehall artiste in spite of things Shatta Wale has said about him.

Sarkodie in the freestyle video ‘My Advice’ released in October 2018, attacked Shatta Wale and described him as an insecure attention seeker.

‘My Advice’ was Sarkodie’s response to Shatta Wale after the latter described him as “very poor”. 

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“Your brand [is not] strong enough, If it is strong then keep quiet. You will soon [leave]…You showed d***, one day you will show buttocks. The last thing [that I] want is attention,” he rapped. 

Sarkodie questioned the dancehall artiste’s claim to wealth and asked him to stop wearing cheap jewellery. 

“Who gives an f*** about your chicken change property…f*** all the bragging and chill because honestly your whole bank account couldn’t buy you one tear rubber [Range Rover] Evoque but you claiming supremacy,” he jabbed.

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Sarkodie and Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, in an interview on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM said that Sarkodie should advise himself first.  

“Don’t tell me you want to advise me when you can’t afford your own car,” the dancehall act said.

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But, speaking on their relationship status in an interview on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM with George Quaye Saturday, Sarkodie said he has nothing against Shatta Wale, whom he calls his brother.

“I didn’t see that [My Advice] as a beef. I saw it as conversations that we’ve had on the phone several times that I keep getting the opposite,” he explained.

According to Sarkodie, Shatta Wale had alleged that he ignored his fans while driving in traffic and he expected the dancehall act to have called him when he heard the reports.

Instead “if you sit on the radio that means either it’s not true or you want to frame something up,” the rapper noted and added that, if a stranger had said that, he would have ignored it.

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Sarkodie, who was adjudged the ‘Artiste of the Decade’, revealed that he used to be in constant touch with Shatta Wale and whenever the latter says something negative about him, the dancehall act responds that, “You know say your mummy say make I watch your back.”

According to the rapper, he wonders if Shatta Wale is only doing it just for attention and that, all that he said on ‘My Advice’, he has told Shatta Wale before.

“People love you and it will never go away… so the extra stuff, maybe it is brand position, guess what if you say certain things that go overboard, I can’t still be smiling and act like it’s okay. That is when the ‘[My] Advice’ bit came in,” he said.

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Sarkodie revealed his love for Shatta Wale “will never go away” and admitted that “I still miss it until today…but we need to straighten our relationship as a people moving forward.”

Asked what the current state of their relationship is, the rapper responded, “I don’t even know what it is at this point…”


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