Journey To The Murder Of Kasoa Policemen

The prime suspect in the murder of the two Kasoa police officers, Eric Kojo Duah, has reportedly started narrating what led to the killings of the COPs.

He was arrested at Senchi at dawn on Saturday, August 31, 2019, and brought to the police headquarters in Accra.

DGN Online sources say he has been explaining his side to story, especially what led to the gruesome killings.

According to Eric Kojo Duah, the alleged suspected killer of the two police officers almost every policeman in the Kasoa division knows him.

He says he has given lands to most of them and sold to some.

According to him, he shot someone some few months back because he had money in his car boot and they attacked him so he fired to save his life.

His weapon was taken from him but he paid 1000 cedis and took it back.

In purported statements he made to police after his arrest, he said his mother sold two plots of land to some foreigners early this year.

Unfortunately that same land belonged to the late Sgt.

The Sgt wanted to develop the land and realized someone was already doing so and upon his investigations he got to know it was the suspects mom who sold it.

According to Mr Duah, this brought about a serious problem between his mom and the Sgt.

He said he came in to make peace and promised the Sgt another piece of land but he refused and told him he is an ayigbe man and he should wait and see wat would happen.

According to him, two weeks after this, his mom passed away and anytime the Sgt sees him he makes mockery of him.

On that fateful day, he said when he got to the check point, he stopped and gave some money to some policemen there and as usual they gave him funs “father, father, father,”.

He said his nickname is father and even the commander calls him by that.

While the policemen were given him this useless fun he saw the late sgt in his rearview mirror approaching his car.

Because he did not want any mockery from him again, he said, he sped off and because he had parked on the shoulders of the road it splashed sand on them hence the chase.

He told the police he made two turns off the highway and still the Sgt was following.

According to him, when he stopped the Sgt came down gave him three punches to the face and a slap.

Awal also came from behind and gave him a slap.

He said the civilians around know him so they even started to attack the police while his friend by name taller picked the pistol from the letter box and fired Awal.

He said when the civilians heard the gun shot everyone started running including the sgt. Taller passed the pistol to him and he chased the sgt to the container where he had gone to take cover and fired him 4 times there. They sped off after the incident and abandoned the car.

According to him it was a policeman who helped him to escape and hide in Adenta the same policeman asked him to put a plaster on his face as to disguise himself.

BY Melvin Tarlue

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