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A male contraceptive capable of blocking sperm from
leaving the penis during ejaculation is being developed by scientists, it has
been reported.

It blocks two key proteins in the brain that are
responsible for releasing swimmers during a male orgasm, the Mailonline has

It is also said to have the ability to boost libido
by dilating blood vessels – exactly how Viagra works.

Lead researcher Dr Sab Ventura, according to
Mailonline, has announced that trial will begin if the next stage of drug
development proves successful.”We are moving closer to developing a
convenient, safe and effective, non-hormonal oral male contraceptive that can
be readily reversed,” he said.

He continued: “We aim to do this by developing
a combination of two drugs that simultaneously block sperm transport rather
than disrupt sperm development or maturation.

“With this non-hormonal approach, sperm are
unaffected so the contraception is likely to be readily reversible once the
medication has been stopped.”

Early laboratory tests shows the drug has no impact
on sexual desire.

And that the preliminary trials also showed sperm remained healthy and viable, should men express a desire for children in the future.

Source: Mailonline

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