More Bodies Recovered After Floods

Two more bodies have been recovered
in the aftermath of the floods which hit Accra last Sunday.

The recovery raises fears about the
possibility of a higher death toll.

It’s unknown whether the recovered bodies
belong to the two persons declared missing last Monday.

The two bodies were recovered from the
Odaw River on the Graphic Road in Accra.

However, nothing has been heard about
the baby who died with its mother during the floods although the body of the
woman was later recovered.

Last Sunday’s downpour, which the
Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) Papa
Nii Clegg described as torrential, left in its trail flooded streets and bodies.

It destroyed properties in various
parts of Accra including areas not known to harbor floods.

Meteo Retooling

Government, he said, has retooled the
GMA, a gesture which he added has enhanced weather predictions in the country.

“We are doing very well as a result
of the retooling by government. We have the wherewithal to give better service,”
he said with relish.

“The 2019 raining season has
commenced and should be noted by all because the flooding which hit Accra last
Sunday is only a tip of the iceberg. More rains would fall during the season,”
he said.

He pointed at human activities or “anthropogenic
factors” as being responsible for the climatic changes occasioned by extreme weather
in the country.

This year’s season, he said, “would
be accompanied by strong winds with the potential of ripping off roofs and
uprooting trees with shallow roots.”

“There would also be lightning and
thunderstorms during which time people should avoid taking shelter under high
tension poles,” he added.

He said that it’s better for the GMA
to give weather forecasts which do not come to pass than not giving such
predictions at all only for the extreme situations to crop up.

According to him, all should respond
to such forecasts than not doing so at all.

“God controls the weather and so we
can say for instance that strong winds are coming to the
country from the direction of Nigeria or Togo but these can change course as
God wills such movements. Every weather is controlled by the winds and these
can be delayed or even diverted to different areas.”

“The weather in recent times has been
very hot and this is the result of solar radiation reaching the earth surface.
In our current situation there is no sufficient green cover such as trees or
green grass to absorb the resultant heat. The night heat in the face of cemented
surfaces and the absence of adequate greens is re-emitted into outer space and the
resultant double heating evaporates into the atmosphere where with a little
pressure results in downpours of the magnitude we witness these days.”

“That is why the less than an hour of rain last Sunday resulted in the kind of flooding witnessed. The torrential rains are human-induced. We use less renewable energy as we rely mostly on fossil fuel which impacts negatively on the weather pattern,” he added.

By A.R. Gomda

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