James Kwabena Bomfeh, Ag General Secretary, CPP

Acting General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party, Mr James K. Bomfeh, popularly known as Kabila, says more females should be motivated and empowered to pursue higher education in Ghana.

According to Mr Bomfeh, research has shown that more females are more active in pursuing basic and secondary education than tertiary education.

“According to today’s Daily Graphic, 346,098 candidates have begun writing  2019’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination today. Out of this total number of candidates, 170,867 are males and 175,231 are females. You will notice that the females are more than the males, previous statistics have also recorded more females than males.

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“Research has shown that the basic and secondary schools record more females than males. But it is sad and unfortunate that this is not seen in the tertiary institutions,” he stated.   

He noted that women are very important in nation building and their contribution helps in major developmental progress of a country.

“The reason why I am saying this is that when women are heads of prominent sectors of a country the country sees progress and growth in development,” Mr Bomfeh stated on Peace FM monitored by Adomonline.

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He urged stakeholders, non-governmental organisations, individuals and the government to empower females to pursue higher education.

“Churches and organisations must make a conscious effort to motivate young ladies in and outside of their organisation to pursue higher education, we must also look out for hindrances to this effect and act on them,” he noted.

Source: Adomonline.com/ Nana Aba Mensah

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