Dear Mr President, we call on your good offices to sack Dr Ben Asante, The Chief Executive of Ghana Gas Company Limited.

Mr President, Dr Asante and the Ghana Gas Company Board are closely working with foreign companies to sabotage your government by underreporting gas production and selling it on the high seas for millions of dollars thus depriving the government of much-needed revenue.

Mr President, one wonders why Ghana even needs to go out to borrow money when a company in Ghana makes about 100 million dollars a year if the person running the company is loyal to the state and to you Mr President.

Mr President, Dr Asante together with some faceless members of your government and the immediate past government is working closely with ENI, the Italian Petroleum giant to the detriment of local companies. They have been helping ENI to have complete control of Ghana’s gas and also gain at least 80% of Liquified Petroleum Gas deals . This effectively freezes all local participation and competition and deprives the state of taxes. It however makes Dr Asante a very rich man.

Dr Asante is helping ENI to seize control of the Liquified Petroleum Gas Industry which will push out local companies and thus prevent the Ghanaian Liquified Petroleum Gas industry from developing a strong local content.Since Dr Asante was appointed he has secretly signed and negotiated over 100 million dollars worth of Gas deals and its residues worth another 100 million dollars . Where is the money due to the state?

Dr Asante is bold enough to travel to Nigeria, consult for companies to negotiate oil gas pipeline deals for himself without the knowledge of the board and his own Minister, pocket the proceeds and share with those individuals in the opposition who are his cronies and who are happy he is making money for them.

Mr President, Ghana is relying on you to save our energy Industry from the likes of Dr Asante and other wolves in sheep clothing who are vampires and bloodsuckers

Thank you and God bless you Mr President .
I am a citizen not a spectator
Ekow Afenyi Dadzie
Freedom Ghana newsblog
Beach Road
[email protected]

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