NAM 1 Pilot Grilled Over Jet

David Brown

It has emerged
that the pilot of Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1, the embattled owner of Menzgold
Ghana Limited, has been questioned by the Economic and Organised Crime Organisation

The suspect, who
is an Australian, was picked up on Sunday, April 7 and is currently on
self-enquiry bail.

Sources say the pilot, whose
name was given as David Brown, purportedly tried to sell NAM1’s private jet‒ Gulfstream IV Jet Aircraft (2001 model) ‒ after he allegedly realised that the owner
might not be released from jail in Dubai anytime soon.

EOCO is not
giving information on the case, but DAILY GUIDE understands that the pilot,
who reported to the anti-graft body with his lawyer, has since been granted bail.

According to
sources, the members of the crew on the plane have all left to their various
countries, but reports say the suspect was the one keeping the jet and made several
attempts to sell it.

NAM1 Freedom

NAM1 was
reportedly set free by a court in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), after he
won a case of fraud brought against him by Horizon Royal Diamonds in a
purported $51 million gold deal.

NAM1 was made to
post a bail bond of $3.5 million, and he is said to be pursuing the company
that caused his arrest over the $31 million.

According to
reports, he was arrested in Dubai where he travelled to retrieve his money from
the company.

It’s still
unclear whether the Interpol Arrest request by the Ghanaian authorities, as
confirmed by the CID boss last week, is still in place.

Settling Clients

A source close to
NAM1 told DAILY GUIDE that “he is making frantic efforts to track down
companies and individuals who owe him in order to get more cash to pay Menzgold
Ghana Limited customers whose investments have been locked up following the
closure of the business.”

Two weeks ago,
news broke that NAM1 was granted bail but was immediately re-arrested by the
police in the Emirati country after the request by Interpol.

DAILY GUIDE reported that the Dubai prosecutors realised that a prima facie
case might not be established against NAM1 in a $51 million gold deal, and as a
result the court started to ‘relax’ the restrictions placed on him.

List of Customers

DAILY GUIDE’s investigations in February revealed that there were a total of 4,998 customers of Menzgold and not the estimated 46,000 as published earlier in the media.

By Melvin Tarlue

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