Nigerian Community Rejects Criminal Tag

Ugoh addressing the media

Ghana Chapter of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) has cautioned
the public against attributing the crime of few Nigerian miscreants to all law-abiding
Nigerian residents in Ghana.

to the organisation, the act of generalising and stereotyping, if not checked,
could serve as a justification for violent forces to carry out xenophobic
attacks that would endanger the lives and property of law-abiding Nigerian
residents in the country.

interacting with journalists in Accra on Saturday, May 4, 2019, the NIDO
Director of Corporate Affairs, Oscar Ugoh, condemned the spate of kidnappings
and other crime-related activities allegedly committed by Nigerians living in

have automatically been cast as the culprits by the Ghanaian society – an
assertion supported by some senior law enforcement agents as well. Apart from
the most publicised case concerning the alleged kidnapping of three young girls
in Takoradi, none of the other cases has been confirmed to be executed by
Nigerians,” he said.

underscored the significance of Nigeria’s contribution to the Ghanaian economy
and socio-economic development evident in the many Nigerian-owned corporate
organisations operating with good corporate behaviour.

Mr Ugoh
therefore appealed to all parties to be circumspect in their engagements so as
not to take actions that would adversely affect the special relationship
between both countries.

revealed that the organisation had decided to constitute a neighbourhood watch
among Nigerians in Ghana in order to check behaviours, divulge information and
report criminals to security agencies.

He said
the organisation had also embarked on a sensitisation campaign and forwarded an
official correspondence to the Inspector General of Police.

president of All Nigerian Community-Ghana, Moses Owharo, indicated that the
growing number of Nigerians in the country which is estimated to be four
million required the building of a proper data base.

 He said steps had been taken to restructure
the organisation across the country so as to allow it gather data on all
Nigerians in the country.

the welfare officer of the organisation, Kacey Ogbonna, disclosed that the
organisation had developed a system which (subject to permission from the
security agencies) would capture the data of Nigerians who entered the country
at various entry points.

a member of the NIDO Board of Trustee, Chief Calistus Elozieuwa, had appealed
to government to review its policy on foreign investment and resident permit
acquisition in order to help citizens of ECOWAS countries operate legitimately
in the country.

He explained that the high capital requirement, coupled with the costly and bureaucratic process of acquiring relevant documents, makes it difficult for some Nigerians to abide by the regulations governing the trade in the country.

By Issah Mohammed

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