Three Nkrumaist parties — the Convention People’s Party (CPP), the People’s National Convention (PNC) and the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), in the South Dayi Constituency of the Volta Region have united to present one candidate for the 2020 election.

The move, according to the leadership in the constituency, is to present a candidate who will work towards the development of the constituency and to better the lives of the ordinary citizens in the constituency.

At a press conference at Peki Avetile to declare their decision to come together as one family with the sole aim of development, the leader of the group, Mr Explo Kofi Nani, said the constituency, over the past years, had not seen much development.

Transportation, he said, was a serious problem for the people as their roads were in a deplorable state.

For instance, he said the Asikuma-Kpeve road had remained the same since it was constructed in the 1970s.

No development

“Despite the fact that we have been electing members from this constituency to Parliament since the birth of the Fourth Republic, the constituency faces a deep crisis of problems of growing unemployment, worsening results in educational performance and the absence of industrial development.

It is our priority to address these problems which have been ignored by elected representatives for decades,” Mr Nani said.

He said South Dayi had had 28 years of continuous National Democratic Congress (NDC) representation in Parliament but “all these problems have continued, but South Dayi deserves better.

It is time to try another choice or party to examine whether another trend and progress is not possible”.

According to him, although the Constitution guaranteed multi-party democracy and there were several political parties, only two of them appeared to be in charge of the governance system in the country.

That, he noted, was not helping the population to be properly represented and involved in the governing of the country.

“When you go across the whole country, you will come across a lot of Ghanaians lamenting that despite the existence of many political parties, the political scene is dominated by only the NDC and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The NDC is the offshoot of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) military regime and the NPP is the only political party which has defeated it in a number of elections,” he pointed out.

To liberate the constituency from the trend of voting for one political party in the constituency, Mr Nani said the group had agreed on coming together to present a unity candidate, one Mr Felix Lartey, a candidate of the PPP in the 2016 election, so that the Nkrumah tradition political parties would not contest against one another in the parliamentary election in that constituency.

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