No Ransom Talk With Kidnappers

The suspected kidnappers

Contrary to
speculations and propaganda especially among the opposition National Democratic
Congress (NDC) members, government did not negotiate ransom with the abductors
of the two Canadian ladies.

When speaking
on Saturday’s newsfile programme, the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading
Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, dismissed the speculation. He
explained that a representation of an insurance firm was in the country from
Britain to look at a ransom alternative.

Kwaku Baako
usually has access to restricted information and his disclosures are hardly
challenged by the officialdom over their integrity.

all-Ghanaian security operation as reported by DAILY GUIDE in the
aftermath of the euphoria that greeted the successful rescue suffered from
unsubstantiated remarks such as foreigners leading the charge.

That too,
according to an endorsement of Kwaku Baako, is not true. He explained that
there was only one external security person who was here to explore possible
ways of supporting local operatives.

Like other
stories with political undertones, this one was exceptional in the manner it
was mismanaged by the opposition who regarded it as a quarry for the
advancement of their so-called ‘Ghana is not safe’ agenda.

Little wonder
they did not join in the excitement of the successful rescue preferring rather
to deny government and local security operatives the credit for a job well

Catherine Tilley, 19, and Jordan Chittey, 20, are still basking in their freedom in Canada where they flew to after undergoing medical and psychological treatment at the expense of the Government of Ghana.

By A.R. Gomda

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