The residents say they are traumatised by the presence of the armed military personnel.

Residents of Otinibi Hills in the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly iof Accra, are calling on the Ghana Army to withdraw its armed personnel from the area.

A private developer has contracted 48 Engineers Regiment to build an estate on several acres of land which has about 200 residents already occupying.

As ownership of Otinibi Hills is in contention, residents say they are losing their properties to the developer, Markin Hills Ltd.   

Speaking to JoyNews the residents stated that they are traumatised by the presence of the armed military personnel.

Otinibi Hills is one of the developing areas in the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region.

The area currently has about 200 residents with about 100 houses at various stages of completion. Ownership of the land in the area is being contested and residents fear they could lose the land they bought several years ago.

They are requesting the government intervenes to help save their property.

Executive member of the Otinibi Hills Residents Association, Kwasi Adarkwa told JoyNews that the military men are allegedly terrorising them.

Meanwhile, checks with the Army reveal that the armed personnel are there to protect those from 48 Engineers Regiment against land guards.

Markin Hills Ltd says the residents have no right over the land which is 6 kilometres away from what should have been sold to them. 

Source: Ghana| Joy News| Kwame Yankah

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