PDS Introduces Cardless System At Tema

Cynthia Bannerman, explaining the advantages of the smart metre to the assembly members

THE POWER Distribution Service (PDS) is taking
steps to introduce a “cardless” metering system in Tema called Automated
Reading Metre (ARM) which will permit customers to recharge their metres without
the usage of a card.

According to PDS, ARM also called Smart metre,
comes with a technology that will also permit PDS to
communicate with the metre from their offices without customers having to visit
where they are stationed.

Cynthia Bannerman, Tema South District manager
made this known during an engagement with assembly members and opinion leaders
in the area, to educate them about the new metres, ahead of installation in
areas such as Community one to six, Tema Newtown and part of the Heavy Industrial

“We as a company are not delighted about the
ordeal our customers encounter when using the current metres. Challenges such
as error on the metre, faulty metres, battery issues, update issues which has
to do with time and date.

“With the current system, you have to slot the
card before you can come and buy, and sometimes our customers do that but in a
hurry to come and buy power, they are not able to do that before purchase, so
you visit a vendor and you are told go back to slot and these are some of the
inconveniences we want to put an end to,” she stated.

She said the smart metering would also phase out
the variety of metres already in existence under a project sponsored by the
World Bank, thus customers are not supposed to pay anything for the metre

The new metres, the district manager said would
allow PDS to engage disconnections and get notifications when the metre is
tampered with.

PDS is able to monitor the metre in their office
without necessarily going to the customer’s house, with the installation of the
automated metre reading facility, Mrs. Bannerman explained further.

She mentioned delivering quality, user friendly
and reliable power delivery to their customers as some of the advantages of the
new technologies being introduced by PDS.

The manager was optimistic that with the
introduction of the new metre service delivery to their customers; the
challenges which have affected the customers over the years would be

“Management in a bid to eliminate or reduce the
challenges associated with the current metres, has directed that all prepayment
metres in the South District should be replaced with smart metres,” according
to her.

Meanwhile, participants expressed excitement
about the new metres PDS intend to introduce, to do away with numerous
challenges customers are currently facing with the current meters.

Customers under the Tema South District are going
to be the first to benefit from the smart metre system before it could be
replicated in other districts under Tema.

From Vincent Kubi, Tema


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