The students counting their losses

Heavy rainfall on Tuesday destroyed the girls’ dormitory and several structures of St Stephen’s Presbyterian Senior High Technical School at Akyem Asiakwa in the East Akim Municipality of the Eastern region.

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According to the headmaster, Mr Samuel Anarfi Asante, who confirmed the incident to Adom News, the rain, which started around 5:00 pm, in a few seconds destroyed structures in the school leaving death traps.

“There were heavy winds which brought down some of the roofing sheets at the school’s dining hall, and some parts of the administration block. There were screams from the girls’ dormitory confirming the fact that the whole roof had come down and part of the block had collapsed.

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“So I had to run through the winds to see if anyone was injured, but I realised all the students dashed out of the room for their dear lives except two girls who were trapped and sustained bruises. Currently, they are receiving treatment at the Asiakwa Healthcare Centre,” he added.

Mr Asante said a call was immediately placed to the National Disaster Management Organisation who quickly came to their aid.

Mr Asante is appealing to the government and individuals to come to their aid to reconstruct the dormitory for the female students.

Source: Adom News