President Earns Dagbon Title

The Ya Na sandwiched between President Akufo-Addo and the visiting Barbadian PM

The King of Dagbon, Ya Na, Abukari Mahama II, has enskinned President
Akufo-Addo as Dagbon Malti Na Abudani I at the Gbewa Palace in Yendi.

Malti Na in Dagbon, Chief Repairer of Dagbon, in the Dagbani
language, was bestowed upon the President by the King in appreciation of his
restoration of peace to the people of the ethnic group.

The gesture, which attracted acclamation from thousands of people
who graced this year’s Damba Festival of the people of Dagbon, was a rare
occasion because the annual festival had been put on hold following protracted
chieftaincy disputes among Dagombas.

“We have just emerged from a crisis that began almost seven decades
ago; thanks to your government’s unrelenting efforts in helping us to resolve
our succession crisis. I want to express the gratitude of the chiefs and people
of Dagbon to President Akufo-Addo for the great role played by you and your
government to get us where we are today,” the King of Dagbon said.

Besides, the Ya Na thanked former Presidents J. A. Kufuor, late
Attah Mills and John Mahama for working first to move Dagbon forward on the
path of peace which has finally opened the way for progress and

The Ya Na expressed his gratitude to the Committee of Eminent Chiefs
led by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, who worked very hard to achieve
agreement on a working roadmap that the government diligently pursued to the
final destination.

The Ya Na noted that the Akufo-Addo administration had created jobs
for his sons and daughters in Dagbon.

Damba Festival

The Damba Festival is an annual event which began centuries ago
under Naa Zangina, the 17th King of Dagbon. It is the most celebrated festival
in the Northern Region.

President Akufo-Addo, speaking at the festival themed: “A New
Dagbon: Peace and Unity for Development,” said he was happy that Dagbon had
embraced the joy of holding together and not being divided.

He stated that over 30 years, the Damba Festival had been impossible
to be celebrated due to the Dagbon crisis.

“Today, we have proof that the peace of Dagbon is holding and we can
begin to point to concrete signs of the peace dividend. The young people of
Yendi, who have known nothing but strife, can now see more and attractive side
of their heritage. The Damba Festival is no longer a tale of bygone years told
by nostalgic old men and women,” he said.

The President called on all the people of Dagbon to help transform
the area.

“There are exciting things happening in the education and health
sectors and Dagbon must be part of it.Teachers, doctors and other health
workers must feel safe and accepted in the communities they are sent to provide
teaching and healthcare,” he pointed out.

“The deplorable state of the road network in this region is a matter
of great concern to me and my government and that is why we have embarked on
addressing the road deficit. This region will not be left out,” he assured the people.

The President graced the occasion with the visiting Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley.

FROM Eric Kombat, Yendi

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