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PRINPAG gives police two-week ultimatum to find killers

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The Private Newspapers Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG) has given a 2-week ultimatum to the Ghana Police Service to find persons who murdered Tiger Eye PI lead investigator, Ahmed Suale.

Ahmed Saule was killed by unknown assailants in January 2019 at Madina in Accra.

He was the lead investigator in the Number12 exposé on corruption in Ghana football.

Though over ten suspects have been questioned, the killers of Ahmed Suale are yet to be apprehended.

Nii Laryea Sowa, Executive Secretary of the PRINPAG Ghana, said they will have no option but to call for help from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers if the security agencies fail to find the perpetrators of the crime in two weeks.

“PRINPAG will like to give the security agencies just two weeks. If we don’t hear anything from them we will have no alternative than to petition the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers where our muscle is and where he was also a board member representing Ghana. All of us must endeavour to put pressure by using our various media outlets to put pressure on the security agencies so that the perpetrators will be brought to book since that will also ensure my security, your security and our security,” he urged the media.

Tiger Eye to honour Suale

In another developmet, undercover investigative agency Tiger Eye PI has indicated that it will honour its late member, Ahmed Hussein Suale with an investigative piece.

Describing his death as tragic, the agency says it will pursue the legacy of Suale.

One of the lawyers of Tiger Eye PI, Sammy Darko spoke to Citi News on plans to honour the late Ahmed.

“They are in high spirits and they are now very determined to do more so if you have noticed, after Ahmed Suale’s death they have done about three investigations. They did the Bissue case, they also did the one about an orphanage and then they did a recent one on Abayee. As I speak to you, a lot of them are doing international collaborations and even local ones. This has not deterred or silenced them at all.  What I do hear from them is that they want to do something so big so that it will serve as a memorial for Ahmed because that is what he wanted to do after Number12. He was so eager to go into other big investigations. So that has been their priority so far and their major preoccupation”.

Lawyers advise family to seek redress with the UN

Sammy Darko advised the family of the late Ahmed Suale to seek redress at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

According to him, his stance on the matter is informed by the undue delay by the Ghanaian authorities in finding the killers of Ahmed Suale.

Though some suspects have been questioned, the security agencies are yet to bring the killers to book.

Family calls for justice

The family of Ahmed Hussein Suale has expressed disappointment with the government and security agencies over their failure to find his killers.

According to them, the government has not treated his death with much seriousness almost a year after the incident.

Brother of the deceased, Ibrahim Kamilu Tahidu told Citi News that the family feels ignored.

“In fact, the family is very disappointed in the security services and the government itself. It looks like they are not interested in the case. After all the noise, have you heard of anything again? And have you heard of any government official discussing it again? Even, the Attorney General could not remember the date my brother was assassinated in Parliament. Doesn’t that alone ring a bell that the government is not interested in our case?” he asked.

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