A building destroyed by the rains

More than a week after rainstorm wreaked havoc at a small community in the Kumbungu district in the Northern region, district authorities, including National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) officials, are yet to provide any assistance to the affected villages.

Residents of Gingaani are currently displaced and faced with severe hunger as all their foodstuff and food storage facilities were completely destroyed in the rain disaster that occurred more than a week ago.

The disaster has increased cost of living in the village where majority of the people are already in extreme poverty and struggling to feed their families.

A building destroyed by the rains

Gingaani is one of the deprived communities without any social amenity.
Women and children walk distances to seek healthcare. The community has no reliable source of clean drinking water, and has poor road network.

When Adom News visited the community, it found that the people are now living in more desperate conditions. They are, thus, calling for immediate support from the government and non-governmental organisations.

Some residents at Kumbungu

According to the victims, the NADMO zonal coordinator a week ago came  to register them but since then, nobody from NADMO and other institutions had come to assist them.

Some of the victims said, now when it’s raining, they don’t have any place to hide till the end of rain.

Adom News’ efforts to reach the district coordinator of NADMO, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakari failed.

The District Chief Executive of the area, Hon. Abdul Salam Hamza told Adom News his outfit is pushing to get support for the victims.

Source: Ghana|Adom News|Illiasu Abdul Rauf Dabre

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