claims that the Canadian government allegedly contracted a negotiator to pay a ransom to the kidnappers of the Canadian duo prior to their rescue by the top joint operation of the National Security.

The website again claims that the negotiator, has been identified as Louis Laval, a French national currently working for NYA International, a global risk and strategic consulting firm specialised in security and operational risk.

Our sources have revealed that Mr Laval was in touch with the kidnappers via Facebook messenger after the withdrawal of $120,000 to defray the $800,000 ransom that was being demanded. has also gathered that the withdrawal of the $120.000
ransom part payment was sanctioned by the Bank of Ghana.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that the team of top National Security Operatives, who took over the rescue mission, halted the payment by the hired French negotiator.

This may have been due
to the fact that plans were far advanced on the rescue strategy that was put
together with the use of existing security apparatus of Ghana.

Profile of Louis Lava

Louis Laval is a
senior consultant at NYA International in London. He has expertise in business
development and private/public security management.

He has over the years
worked and gained exposure with leading international security /defence
companies and the French Ministry of Defense.

Louis also has expertise in Crisis prevention and response, business development, client account management, corporate security consulting and government security support, program and project development and management for which reason he was hired by the Canadian government to negotiate on its behalf.

Meanwhile, there has
been a discourse between The Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC) and the
Ghanaian government over the manner in which the kidnapped girls were set free.

CBC reported that the
girls were released by the kidnappers but information minister, Kojo Oppong
Nkrumah maintains they were rescued.

However, Security
analysts have explained that there is a difference between the choice of both

‘Released’ as used in
the contest by CBC connotes some form of negotiations while ‘Rescue’ has to do
with the use of force to save the girls. can confirm the two Canadian youngsters were rescued by Ghana’s top security operatives at Kenyase, a
suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region.


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