1. The science behind your goodnight sleep

Being in a healthy relationship has several benefits, and one of these is that your snoozing hours are peaceful and uninterrupted every night. According to a study published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personal Science, people tend to sleep better if they feel their partner is responsive to their needs.

2. The study

Researchers from the University of Turkey studied around 700 people who were either married or living together. They were asked how responsive their partner was to their needs and how well they slept every night.

3. The finding

The findings of the research indicated a correlation between sleep quality and having a loving partner. Participants who felt cared for in their relationship were less likely to get anxious or depressed and in turn, slept well at night.

4. The concept of restorative sleep

The research mentioned that a person gets ‘restorative sleep’ (basically good quality and uninterrupted sleep) when he or she feels safe and secure in life.

5. The researchers’ logic

As a child, we find this sense of security from our parents and as an adult, we are somehow dependent on our romantic partners for the same. Hence, the more our partner makes us feel safe and protected, the better we sleep at night.

6. Another study

Another study done at the University of Pittsburgh has a similar finding. Its states sleeping next to someone you love can reduce your stress levels, and even protect you from digestive problems and heart diseases.

7. The benefits

Not just this, happy couples who sleep together tend to have higher levels of oxytocin, the hormone that is associated with bonding and sexual activity.

8. Suffering from insomnia?

In case you find it difficult to sleep every night and have tried every remedy to cure it, there might be chances that your relationship is not heading in the right direction and is giving you sleepless nights.


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