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Shatta Wale’s side chick Goddess Ginger on how she became nudist (VIDEO)

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Goddess Ginger, a popular Instagram and Snapchat star and former side chick of controversial dancehall star Shatta Wale, was a nursing student who wanted to achieve greatness but her leaked nude photo changed her dream.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse.com.gh, Goddess explained that she was doing her clinical in her third year in her nursing school when her nudes got leaked by an unknown person.

She was given an indefinite suspension following the incident.

“I started over as a nurse,” she said. “I was in my third year when my nude pictures got leaked. That’s when I ventured into the nude business. It was tough. I didn’t get the insult back then. I was given indefinite suspension at work…up till now, I don’t know who leaked my nudes. They [the nude pictures] were on my phone. I gave my phone to my ex-boyfriend and someone who was with him sent them out.”

Shatta Wale's side chick (Goddess Ginger)

Shatta Wale’s side chick (Goddess Ginger)

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According to her, people showed interest in buying her nudes and along the line, she enjoyed the benefits so much that she decided to let her education go.

“People started requesting for my nude photos to buy. And I was like ‘well since I don’t have any job, I can just use this to finish my nursing school. I got comfortable with the money and stuck to it. I was getting contracts to do nude shoots and was getting paid. That’s how I started Instagram and Snapchat premiums…. I didn’t bother about my school again because the money which I was making was way better.”

On Snapchat premium business, she said it isn’t booming anymore. Her new venture is Instagram. She said she sells her photos to agencies outside Ghana and makes a lot of cash from them.

“Snapchat premium business isn’t booming like it used to be. I’m not actually active like I used to be. I’m mostly on Instagram. Most of my nudes are not posted on Instagram because I sell them to agencies outside the country.”

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At some point, she drew interest from a high-profile personality – an ambassador to Ghana – during former President J.A Kufour’s regime. She was overpaid, according to her.

“An ambassador during President Kufour’s era paid me US$700. I was shocked because, at that time, my nudes were for US$400. I never saw him again.”

Apart from selling nudes, she engages in the sex business. She links up with clients on her Snapchat and engages in sexual activities at a rate.

Goddess, who is also an up and coming musician, said she gained trust from her followers and premium subscribers due to her good customer service. She charges 200 to 300 Ghana cedis per subscriber.

“I gained trust from my followers because they tell me I’m genuine. Most of the girls on Snapchat are actually guys in disguise who scam people. They take people’s money and block them. But I always make sure my clients are satisfied… I charge 200 to 300 Ghana cedis for Snapchat premium subscription. I have a lot of subscribers. They masturbate with it.”

Goddess Ginger, Shatta Wale and Michy

Goddess Ginger, Shatta Wale and Michy

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The Snapchat business is profitable, according to Goddess. She said if finances from the business are managed well, one can build a house or gain capital to start a new business.

“Snapchat business can build you a house and set you up if you manage your finances well. Because it’s a business. And in every business, your progress depends on how you manage your finances.”

But she says it’s a dangerous venture and wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved.

“It’s a dangerous business. If you don’t have security, you can get killed. I have seen a whole lot of stuff that I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it.”

Watch the full interview below.

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